Video Series

Welcome to the MyKayakCoach Videocast series.  This series aims to educate paddlers, at all levels of ability, so that they improve  technique and prevent injury whilst they paddle.  We hope you enjoy the series. You can choose to listen or also watch some great supporting footage - enjoy.

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Episode 10: Cliff Meidl - Olympic Hero

Westley interviews Cliff Meidl certainly a paddler with a story to tell.  Cliff has some great tips for us all on technique, training and life in general.  An outstanding ambassador who keeps giving back to the community who gave so much to him.


Episode 9: Changing the mindset on winning

Westley interviews South African World Champion Dawid Mocke.  Dawid discusses the importance on having the right focus when it comes to setting yourself up for a top quality performance


Video Episode 8: All about Ocean skis

Westley interviews Jude Turczynski from Huki Kayaks. Jude shares a wealth of thoughts and ideas about the build of a kayak. In part one we examine what makes good primary and secondary stability.


Podcast Episode 7: All about Paddles

In our latest Video Cast we discuss all features of choosing and using a paddle. We interview Greg Bennett from Bennett Surfboards who have been supplying great paddles in Australia for many years, also Chad Meek a producer of world-class paddles through Meek Australia. Finally we here from a variety of expert paddlers on what they use and choose.

Podcast Episode 6: 'Set up' for a better stroke.

Perhaps the most important aspect of competing is having a strong mind and solid technique.  Ex USA Olympic team member Chris Barlow,  certainly has a strong mind and great technique but perhaps his greatest achievement his work in creating the incredibly supporting community that he has help to build around the San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team (SDCKT).

Episode 5: Importance of the catch

Balaz Babella has achieved some fantastic results since taking over as National Coach in Singapore in 2008.  Recently Balaz agreed to share some of his background and coaching ideas.  We join him during a recent training session with his natinoal Junior squad at Marina reserve.


Episode 4: Mental training for Peak Performance

The mind plays an extraordinary role in performance; in this Videocast Episode Jim interviews Andrea Furst from Mental Notes Consulting. Andrea, and her team, teach individuals and teams to use their mind to it's maximum ability in order to meet full athletic potential. Andrea is also a consultant to the Australian Institute of Sport and advises athletes on all matters to do with mental health and peak performance.

Episode 3: Warming up for Race Day

In this episode Kayak coach and champion Katrin Borchet gives us her advice from her many years of success in the kayaking world. Katrin has competed in three Summer Olympics, where she won three medals with one silver (1992: K-4 500 m for Germany) and two bronzes (both Australia, 1996: K-2 500 m, 2000: K-1 500 m).

Katrin has also won various world championship titles and is now an Australian Sprint Kayak coach.


Eposide 2: Cross Training for Kayakers

To be a true champion and to reduce the risk of injury cross training is essential. Watch how Jimsquad use this to their benefit and learn how to  improve your performance with cross training.

Eposide 1: Chasing Runners

Join Murray Stewart and several other legends as we launch our first Episode of our MyKayakCoach podcast series.  Please remember to subscribe to the podcast so that you can stay in touch with tips and advice to make you a better paddler.