My Coaching

My Coaching will provide you with access to top quality coaching, advice, resources and training schedules each designed to help you reach your goals. 

All coaching advice and resources will be provided by Jim Walker, who is a current Australian Kayak Team Coach, NSW Institute of Sport Kayaking Coach and respected Surf Coach. 

Coaching services offered by Jim Walker:
  • Flat-water video analysis
  • One-on-One downwind runner sessions (with Jim on a Jetski)




  • Group coaching sessions
  • Cross training
  • Personalised Effective Training Programs (PET)
For more information on coaching services or to arrange a session please contact Jim.

Jim has a wealth of experience and knowledge, he is an Olympic Kayaking finalist, multiple National Surf Ski Champion and a World Cup Kayak Champion. Jim has coached athletes to the Olympics and many national titles and enjoys working with those just starting out to ensure everyone gets the best out of their paddling experience.

Using MyKayakCoach Jim will personally help you identify your area of need. Each lesson will provide personalised feedback on your technique and will include tips and drills for you to pracitce.  In addition you will also be provided with a comprehensive training program to help you achieve your goals. 


PET - Personalised Effective Training programs

How often do you just walk down to the waters edge and think, what will I do today?

You don't have to worry about that anymore.

A program is a guide to training. It sets out how far you should paddle, what intensity and provides the variety and individualised instruction that will help you build to your peak performance.

Why do you need a program?


A set program will give you direction, set you to peak at the right time of your desired goal.


When you paddle you need to have a goal something that gets you out of bed or makes you find that bit of time that was a little harder to find a few months ago.


When paddling with some of your mates it helps keep the squad positive and moving forward. As there now is a direction for you to head.


In the series of programs that mykayakcoach has available for you, you can be a beginner or a star wanting the edge.


If you are to take a set of  programs you will find at the start of the season there is lots of time to focus on your stroke work then moving over the months into some hard sets. Finishing the season with high quality sessions with Lactate sessions and race practice.

This will not only make you paddle better it will help you with structure of day to day life, also set you some goals along the way.  If you would like an individualised program contact