World Paddling.

By rob on Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just recently I went to the USA to learn about how to paddle,coach and get people into paddling., like all of us I still like to go for a paddle. So I set about my journey of New York, Las Vegas and Hawaii.

New York found me on the Hudson River on a plastic but talking to an organization about getting everyone into paddling, how they do it, what craft they use and the methods they use to encourage everyone.

Then I made my way to Las Vegas where I got to paddle with some champion Hungarian/now USA paddling champions.

These guys shared their equipment, ideas and love for paddling with me. Taking me around their beautiful lake with an amazing back drop on mountains and very palatial homes. I had to learn very quickly when you paddle in Las Vegas your going to get very hot, so splashing yourself constantly is a must. When your back in a K1 for the first time in a long time balance is always a problem. I didn't embarrass myself.














Then my travels took me to the beautiful waters of Hawaii. Although hot the water was cool enough to keep me cool, out in the ocean. Hawaii is a must for all paddlers just once. The guys in Hawaii are not only helpful they are friendly and great to paddle with, Zolt from Epic skis made me so welcome and shared so many ideas.


The one thing I have realized in this trip is that all paddlers around the world like to help and paddle with other paddlers from around the world.

So if you travel then do what I did and send an email after searching the web and be surprised how friendly people are no matter how well you paddle.

To all the paddlers I paddled with thank you.