Why you should race.

By Jim on Sunday, January 4, 2015

Racing can be a very scary thing to do, and I mine even before you but your entire in. 

The thing that can frighten us  is the fear of failure, not living up to the expectation. You have created within your peers. Most people and family can't believe how hard you train so they think well of  course you will win on come top ten. This more often is not the case so it adds pressure to us wanting to race, the fear of failure will not exsist if you are true to your self on what place or time you can do. Don't think you will cross the line first if you train twice a week or top ten if you just started paddling last year and are doing four times a week. Just pick a place or time that is realistic to your paddling. For me after a solid season of paddling three to four sessions a week was to come top 15 in the Australian 20 beaches 24km downwind race, I came 14th and for me that was a win, as most in front of me were young kids or seasoned world paddlers who train many sessions per week. I was for the first time able to be happy coming 14th as it was the best I could do, that's when your happiest when you honestly do the best you can do. After the race is more then an hour over know one remembers who come what position only that you enjoyed the challenge of the race.

So the advantages of racing are, you can see if

  • your training structure is working
  • making progress with your technique 
  • being able to reset  goals
  • enjoying the challenge of racing and pushing yourself physically and mentally
  • meeting like minded people

So look into some races and get involoved in the whole process, don't be nervous as the only loser is the one who doesn't race at all.

you will find before you know it your love for paddling will increase even more.

if you need any help at all in your race prep or mental outlook to racing email me and I'll help you for sure.

the most important thing is to stay healthy and enjoy life, without putting to much pressure on yourself I'm sure you will feel better about yourself. Your work studies and life will improve from learning the great skills racing and preparing to race teaches you.