Why do Drills.

By Jim on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 In lots of blogs I always talk about doing drills, I believe in them for one simple reason, if you train your body to move in the correct motion then you will end up doing it right. The problem with people paddling is that they start paddling from looking at their friend paddle, ( who only started 6mths before them )and try to copy them. Or more often then not they will look at an Olympic champion and try to do what they are doing without knowing what to do.

Put it like this, you start to learn to swim at age 3yrs never been in the water before, would you sit the little child down and get them to watch Michael Phelps swim,No. I know that the child could not comprehend the same as and adult but what I'm saying is the same as the kid starting out, you need to learn the movement first.

The movement is just so important for a number of reasons, if you use bigger muscles when paddling then you will go faster eaiser, if you smaller muscles then you will go slower doing it  harder.

So here are some movement drills to look at.


So what you will see in these two videos, is that they are practicing the movement of using the biggest muscles, the trunk. Also you can see no matter what your ability you should do the drills, Tony an Olympian and John and Paul just new to paddling all doing drills to work on the movement.

I believe once you get the movement you can move on to the other parts of paddling like working on the catch, entry and exit. Learning what sort of stroke to do in the runners and moving water as well as the flat.



Another set of drills I believe to be the most important is balance drills, without balance you will never be able to get the movement, the movement needs to be done without thinking of your balance. NO BALANCE = NO POWER = NO SPEED.

So with balance drills they can be fun and also invloving the movement. Never think that doing drills is a waste of a session. If you can get the movement in place quickly in the off season then lookout everyone.

Some balance drills to use.