Whats the right boat?

By Jim on Sunday, December 1, 2013


Buying a ski can be really difficult, lots to choose from and lots to know about each one.

If you are starting out with your paddling you need to learn the basics of paddling, if you do this you will end up learning the right technique and have no long term injuries. Injuries in paddling come from people fighting the stability of their boat.

  • So I am going to help you buy the right ski for your or for someone as a gift.
  • When choosing a ski a few things you need to know or ask yourself.
  • What is my balance like, the fastest ski on the market is the one upright.
  • What is my fitness level and sporting ability?
  • How often do I think I will paddle per week?
  • Where am I going to paddle this boat?


  • The first Boat I recommend is the V8, this boat is for someone just starting out in the sport, someone who hasn't spent much time on the water. This person is also someone who maybe a bit older and likes the confidence of the extra stability. This boat will let you enjoy all forms of paddling, from a smooth ride in the flat to a comfortable ride on a wave or swell in the ocean. This boat is both suited to male and female paddler  


  • The second boat is the V10 sport, this boat is best suited to a person who is fit or someone who comes from either a surfing back ground or a training back ground in another sport. This boat is also fantastic for someone who has spent sometime learning how to paddle and is now ready to go a bit faster, the longer boat will help gain a bit more speed. This boat is also the boat for those who are fit and strong and want to enjoy the surf and ride the swell. The sport offers great surfing ability to those who can sit comfortable in this boat. This boat is suitable for both male and female.



  • The V10, this boat is an exciting ski, it offers speed in both flat and surf. For those who paddle in only rivers and lakes and like to go fast this is the boat for you. It is a boat that is suitable for paddlers that have spent sometime already paddling. In the river/lake paddling you will find that it glides through the water with ease, in the surf the extra stability will help you run swell forever and ever. This boat is an excellent boat for those wanting a boat to last a long time to suit their needs; you will never grow out of this boat. This boat is suitable for males and the low volume boat is suited for females or lightweight males.




  • The V14, this speed machine is Ferrari of ocean ski paddling, this boat is suitable for those who have spent many years paddling and learning the skill of paddling properly, as I said earlier the fastest ski is the one upright. If you can handle running fast in the flat and speeds to blow you away in swell, then this is for you.This boat is best suited to male paddlers.









  • The V10 double, a ski to share good times with friends and family. The double offers great stability for the two paddlers, it is very comfortable so it makes it a joy for two people to paddler together. If you looking to do some exercise with a mate or partner or better still your kids then make the investment, you'll never look back.










Paddling is a sport that offers so much fun for all level paddlers; there are boats to suit all level paddlers. If you choose the right boat then you will love it as much as I do.

If you need any help at all choosing a boat don't hesitate to contact me jim@mykayakcoach.com