What do the Winners do?

By Jim on Sunday, October 10, 2010

What athletes do before a race is always interesting, in what they all do for warm up. The one thing they all do is make sure they go over the little things, to make sure there are no mistakes.

They never rush their decisions, because they have already practised them in training or in their warm ups.


Race day is always one of the most difficult days to handle, pressure, wasted nervous energy and uncertainty just to name a few. Make sure you go over the small things to make your race the best it possible can be.


Here is what Ben Allen did to prepare for the King of the Cape race in Western Australia just recently. Ben is yet to be beaten in Australia this season, keep a look out for this guy throughout the year.



King of Cape  - Saturday 2nd October 2010.
As the sun rose the wind was already howling 25/30 knots  from the South west  on a 2/3m swell, and so the day was set for a wonderful race in challenging conditions. After spending several hours checking out sugar loaf rock, Cape Naturaliste, Bunker bay (finish line) and also the start line, it was off for an early lunch and time to head to the start line at Smiths beach. 
At two o'clock it was time to race lucky for me I had just floated a brand  new ' Think Uno , The race got off to a good start with about 80 starters, the first 2 km was relatively flat conditions with building runs and swell as we moved away from the coast line.  Reece Baker and l moved away from the rest of the field over the next 3 to 4 Km alternating the lead as we traded runs.
At this point Reece moved out to sea with the runs coming over my left shoulder l keep a straight course heading for the outside of sugar loaf at this time l lost visual contact with Reece in the large ocean swells, not knowing if l was in the lead l kept pushing on.
After about 45 minutes l reached sugar loaf rock where the water was very messy with a lot of backwash coming off the rock, immediately after the rock the runs changed direction and were coming from directly behind me, the runs from sugar loaf rock to Cape Naturaliste were sensational, after the 90 degree turn at the cape it was calmer waters  with big ocean swells pushing in from behind — at this point l still had no idea where Reece or any of the other paddlers were, it wasn't until l rounded the entry to Bunker bay and had the sight of the finish line that l was confident  l was in front. the final 1 km in bunker bay was into a head wind.
The Race had it all head wind, tail wind and runs, cross wind and runs, and some calm waters at the start — topped off with beautiful landscape, and a ' Think Uno to enjoy it all  — live the dream. l encourage any one out there to come down next year and be apart of it.
Special Thanks to  Think Kayak Qld, Main Peak, Performance Paddles,Canoedall Ocean Sports, phizTv, James Rennell and also Ash Nesbit and his team for organising the event.