Weights with Paddling

By rob on Monday, October 13, 2014

I find that with paddling there is so much information on ways to paddle and also ways to improve your paddling. For me a look at a few key factors with my paddling and they are, goals,time for paddling, family and work. Once I work out these things I can then work out how much time I can devote to my paddling. For me I have been able to find a bit of extra time, not enough time that I can go out on the water so I worked out that I can add a gym session to my weekly training. I thought long and hard about what weights I should do, I went over my paddling that I had on video and worked out what movement I make whilst paddling. Then I watched to see what muscle groups I was using then came up with exercise to fit this. I strongly believe in weights for paddling, not weights to get strong, all my exercises are about movement and never trying to lift to much. By lifting less I reduce the chance of injury and I get to improve quicker by using the correct movement. All the exercise I do involve movement of the trunk and the other major muscles of the paddle stroke, back, shoulders and core. I find by making the exercises a challenge it keeps me coming back to the gym to improve on them. I only use gym exercises when I don't have any time to paddle, the best way to become a better paddler will always be to get on the water and paddle.

Enjoy my latest video and I hope it helps you.