The Science of Paddling

By Jim on Monday, May 3, 2010

Jake and Ken certainly know how to paddle from an Athletes view. Jake is in the National Kayak Team and a prominant member of our own JimSquad (see Jake in the video), but also from the theoretical point of view.  Jake is from Sydney University completing his PHD in the School of Exercise and sports Science, Ken is with the NSW institute of sport.

In their paper, "The Science behind Flatwater Kayak Racing", they provide some research ideas around questions such as:

Should you be working on your Aneorobic systems or you Aerobic systems?

Are Kayakers the least fit of distance Athletes?

How do you minimise drag forces on your boat?

Is it better to be a heavy or light paddler?

So put the thinking hats on and have an intellectual moment or two, or just watch the movie!.  We hope you enjoy.

Download Full Report (PDF)