Surf and Kayak

By Jim on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 Many years ago my dad bought me a surf ski from Torquay surf club, it was a very heavy old ski that I had trouble carrying. When  he told me it could be mine, he outter the statement to me, if you win and Australian Ski Title they put you on the wall at the club and if you get really good at it you can go to the Olympic Games.

How lucky was I, I got to do both.

The surf ski is so much fun paddling in and out of the surf racing around the cans and back in.


This is the way to race, the mateships you form go on for a lifetime.

The one thing that is for shore that if you want to do this well you need to learn to have the correct paddle stroke. This can not be achieved whilst paddling in and out of the break, you need long strecthes of water in a fast moving boat to achieve this. The kayak let's you learn boat run, power on the catch and rotation. All these things help you become the best paddler you can be.


How do I know that this is correct, look at the all the Olympic Kayak Teams in Australia up to 90% or more come from ski paddling, male and female. Have a look at the Open men and Womens single ski, all places kayakers.

So there comes a time when you have to know that learning to paddle a kayak will help your ski paddling. Knowone is saying you have to give up your ski paddling, all the Olympians still do ski races, so can you.


So now is the time to get on board. This is where I can help, I am coming to a place near you to help. I will be in 

Tasmania April 14th 

Adelaide 21 or 22nd April

Geelong 5th May

Sydney Branch 12th May

Sydney Northern Beaches 19th May

Sunshine Coast 2nd June

Gold Coast 16th June

Illawarra 21st July

Central Coast 28th July

Sydney Northern Beaches 11th August

Gold Coast 18th August

Melbourne 25th August.


So get in contact with your local branch or SLSA about attending.

Make the step forward to helping your paddling, who knows maybe one day you will compete at the Olympics plus win an Australian ski medal.