Speed V Stability

By Jim on Saturday, April 26, 2014

The fastest boat on the market at the moment is the one that is upright. Before you read on you need to have a look at this link http://www.movescount.com/moves/move30383296 the shows GPS data from my last paddle.

Today I paddled the Epic V10 Sport, said to be the second slowest boat in their range, I usually paddle the Epic V14 the fastest boat in their range. The thing that reforced my thinking today about how to go faster was that I was able to get the most out of every stroke of my morning paddle.

This morning I did 6kms easy out to see and 5kms back hard not flatout but strong, I made sure my technique was good and my catching of the runners was spot on. I was able to do all of this by having a boat that was stable and more important gave the confidence to feel safe doing it.

Here is a picture of the wind and swell, so not too big, a bit of back wash to deal with as well from the heads near the finish.












So no matter what sort of paddler you are, you must be able to feel comfortable, safe, and strong in the ocean. This will help you do the basics right, get good technique and ride swell for as long as possible, you will never be able to do that in a boat you feel like your going to fall out of.

As you can see that the speed of my paddle today was still very fast by what is said to be a slow boat, slow boat I don't think so.

As a paddler we are only intrested in one thing, GOING FASTER. You will never be judged by how tired you are, just how fast you can go.

Enjoy your paddling as much as I did this morning and you will go faster.