Runners to watch

By Jim on Sunday, January 23, 2011

The 3rd Fenn cup was run on Sydney's Northern Beaches, 18kms of hard work, very hot conditions and not much assistance from the ocean.The race had about 100 or so paddlers of all abilities, with the ocean being kind, all paddlers got to have a good race.

The race started at Avalon and made its way to Fishermans beach then round to Dee Why, head back out to sea to a marker off Long Reef then back to the beach.
A race that had all paddlers paddling in all types of conditions, head, tail and side chop.
Those who didn't hydrate themselves in the lead up to the race would have found the going very tough. The thing to remember now is that for good reason all paddlers need to wear a lifejacket. With that comes a lot more heat when you are paddling.
Good advice is to hydrate yourself 24 hours before the race, not on the drive over.
After setting out at a fast pace it was Australian Kayak Paddler Reece Baker who won the hot spot, Ben Allen second.
After 6 kms into the race some of the competitors found the heat a little hard making the field spread out.
At the half way mark Ben Allen and Tim Jacobs turned first with Jeremy Cotter and Reece Baker not far behind, as the paddlers headed out around the reef they had to make the hardest decision of the day. I chance my arm and cut through the reef [ the shorter way ]or take the safer option, paddle around the reef.
Tim and Ben both went through the reef and as a result a wave hit both. In rarity Tim fell off his ski and Ben staying on let Ben open up a lead that know one could catch.
The ocean can be unkind at times and even the best in the game can make a mistake, Tim wasn’t the only one to get hit by a wave, many others who also took on the reef, walked back to there cars across the reef and rocks. Hopefully no damage to person or craft.
With Tim coming off his ski Ben went on to win the race in good style, keeping on a high from winning Dubai only a few weeks earlier.
  • Ben Allen
  • Tim Jacobs
  • Reece Baker
  • Jeremy Cotter
  • Corey Hill
  • Nathan Smith
I have attached a small piece of the guys catching some runners; hope you can get some help from it.
Sorry for the bumpy footage I was driving my jet ski and trying not to get in the way of other competitors.