Runners Coaching

By Jim on Sunday, July 17, 2011

Runners Coaching,

On the weekend I did a runners clinic in a bay that opens up to the ocean, whilst the swell was not so big there was lots to work with.

The team of paddlers were all new to the sport and looking for the edge on how to read the swells, we started like or Mykayakcoach clinics will some lands drills and explanations on how everything works together. How does the boat work with the paddle, the right paddle stroke and which movement is best for what type of condition.

In the swells you have a much shorter stroke, because the water is already moving and your boat is easy to to get up and running.

Where in the flat you have a much longer stroke due to there being no moving water. With this in mind you must remember the the boat goes it's fastest when the paddle is out of the water, not in the water.

We also talked about timing of catching swells, you often see the good people just being relaxed and going fast whilst you are working very hard. The reason being is that there timing is so much better. They know when to work for a swell ad when to rest on the swell, this is something that takes lots of practice,get help and then get out on the water and practice.

You can get a group of friends and organize a group session, like these paddlers and I will come and help you. All runners sessions are done with me being on my jetski so I can get as close to you as possible.

Here are some videos of yesterday for you to look at, the great pictures are caught by my Contour camera.