Products I use

By Jim on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 The world of sport and paddling can be a complete mind field of what to use, ocean ski/kayak, kayak, surf ski,cameras and supplements.

The products I use are products that I believe work to make me enjoy the sport more and aslo help me be the best I can be. I believe that you must use the right product for you.

The products I use I believe in and think you should try using what I use, I also say to people try lots of products before you buy any, more importantly look to people who are in the game and know the most to see what they use. I am very lucky to have the support of all companys mentioned today, but I don't just use them because they support me. I look to see how they would represent me and my Mykayakcoach brand. So with that in mind I don't just use it cause it's free, so these products are in my eyes the best in the field.

The Think Uno Max is my ocean ski of choice, the videos and picture will best show why I love it so much. The main reason I love the Think Uno Max is because it feels like my kayak in some ways, it's snug feel around the hips, feel like I'm paddling down hill and able to get a good strong catch every stroke with the cut aways sides near blade entry. The kevlar model is the one I use to race in as it's a very strong construction at only 12kgs. I love the new yellow GT stripes that run down the boat. The run and feel when surfing the runners is a great feeling. 


When choosing a surf ski it needs to be one that you are so very comfortable in, as you are dealing with the surf and broken waves on the way out and way in. So you never need to be in a craft that you are uncomfortable in. You also now more then ever need to be in a craft that is made well, the impact of a broken wave breaking on your ski or another paddler running into you can cause you alot of trouble, when it falls apart. The reason I choose to paddle the Slipstream Surf X is that I am just comfortable in the ski I never feel like I am paddling another ski or different shape craft it is truley a wonderful craft to paddle in the surf. When choosing a surf ski you need to make sure you cover all bases, a ski that is fast not to tippy ( extra stability is always a must ), a ski that pops over a wave, a ski that turns well around the cans ( a must ), a ski that surfs the runners well and holds a wave with no trouble. That's why I ride the Slipstream Surf X. If your ski can't do all those things then you will use up to much enegery trying to push your craft to stay up right, then you will tire and make a mistake. Surf Ski paddling is about not making mistakes, battling the surf is hard enough, trying to control a ski that is uncomfortable is a no go.

So that is my main reason for paddling the Slipstream Surf X, not to mention how you sit up high on the seat and a bit lower foot wells so you again can get a strong catch, this is also another craft I use with the cut aways sides at blade entry. Then one of the most important things to look for when buying a surf ski is how good does it look, Slipstream are the leaders at the moment in this area, if it looks good then it goes good.



When you are training you use up lots of energy and kilojules so you need to replace all these things as quick as you can after training, I look no further then Australian Sports Nutrition for all my products they are the best company to deal with, nothing is a hassel when you walk into any of their shops Australia wide, they are up to date with any new products that are on the market. They will always take the time to listen to you and know what you need, they want let you come in and just buy stuff off the shelf without asking if you are getting the right products. Their names of products are awesome to, check out the name of my favourite product Anabolic Injection, this is a protein Carb powder mixed with water that I use straight after I get off the water to help me recover. The quicker you use this product the quicker the recovery. Another product I swear by whilst training or even at the end of a hard day is Xtend it gives me the boost I need to finish and improve on a hard session.

All the products come in a range of flavours.

More importantly they are a family run business who support paddling, so next time you drop into any ASN shops mention you are part of the Mykayakcoach Famiy to recieve a discount.


When choosing to get all my footage for coaching, paddling or just fun paddling stuff I choose the Contour Camera, the reason being is that there is nothing worse then using product with technologies that is hard to use. I use the Contour Roam and Contour GPS, these cameras are a just film and plug into your computer camera, the roam a fully water proof camera and the GPS with an easy to use water proof case. The fact you can come home from an awesome paddle and just get the camera footage of your paddle session straight away is the biggest bonus. They have many functions with which way the camera lense can shoot, different angles and great brackets for any sport. I would not use any other camera when it comes to water sports. I love my Contour cameras. Check the videos here for the quality of the camera

So when choosing your next product be sure to check out these great companys that support paddling, if you want your company involved in the Mykayakcoach family please send me an email to