Podcast Episode 3: Warming up for race day

By Jim on Monday, May 3, 2010

In her podcast, Katrin Borchet gives Jim her advice from her many years of success in the kayaking world. Katrin has competed in three Summer Olympics, where she won three medals with one silver (1992: K-4 500 m for Germany) and two bronzes (both Australia, 1996: K-2 500 m, 2000: K-1 500 m).

Katrin has also won various world championship titles and is now an Australian Sprint Kayak coach.
Warming up as part of race preparation is essential if you want to stay injury free and get an edge on your opponents.  Done properly a warm up will increase the blood flow to the working muscles. This prevents muscle stiffness and leads to less risk of injury and improved performance.
Part of your warm up should also include getting yourself psychologically and psychologically ready for your event. Depending on your individual situation the length of warm up that you require will vary. 
As always, with any physical activities you should check with you health professional to determine if any exercise is appropriate for you.
What is in a warm up:
You should always include activities that:
  • allow you to warm up the whole body
  • raise your temperature until the point of a light sweat
  • stretch the major muscle groups that will be used in the activity
  • are sport specific movements that you will use in your activity
  • use metal exercises that allow you to ‘get in the zone’


A cool down involves reducing the intensity of the activity that you have been doing for 5 to ten minutes followed by some slow stretches.

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