Paddling Pants

By Jim on Saturday, November 26, 2011

 The use of Mykayakcoach paddling pants.


The use of mykayakcoach paddling shorts will help you feel better in the seat of your boat due to the comfort that the shorts have.

 The padded bum area is thick enough to give you all the comfort you need, but not to thick to make you off balanced whilst you paddle. If you sit to high off the seat in your boat, this will cause problems with your balance.







The length of the shorts is also great as they are the right length to not let water rush up your leg as you catch a runner, also in the kayak they dont ride up your leg.


The long ones are great and my favorite as they keep you warm in winter and also keep the sun of you in the summer months. The long are just as comfy as the shorts and made from the same material.


These paddle pants are a must for this years Xmas stocking.


Shorts $60

Long Pants $75

All plus deleivery to anywhere in the world.

have a great Xmas