Paddling and Holidays

By Jim on Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Holiday and Race all in one.

There is nothing better then having a race in the winter in beautiful warm conditions, crystal clear water and mountains as your back drop. Well now we have it,Hamilton Island, this beautiful island caters for everything, you the paddler, you the family guy , or a paddler in need of some time away with your friends.
I'm currently on Hamilton Island thrashing out ideas with some of the best paddlers in the world, Dean Gardiner, Peter Scott, Guy Leech, Phil Clayton, Tommy Woodriff, Steve Dalton and Cliff Goulding, with a line up like this trying to improve this race you can be assured it's a race to put  on the calendar.
The race is set to be a pure downwind paddle, hoping on a barge and setting off into the wind, getting off on one of the small beaches of a secluded island. Then only moments later you will be into a downwind paddle.
The good thing with the ideas thrown around this weekend is that there will be many races, individual and team races, this could be your chance to race with one of your heroes from ocean paddling.
Hamilton Island is also a family island with lots to do, lots of different accomadtion packages for all paddlers.
So why don't you get together now with your training group and organize a team to come to Hamilton Island in June 2014 and race with me and the rest of the team.
Have a quick look at this video to see what you think of the island from paddling eyes.