Ocean Racing

By Jim on Monday, May 3, 2010

Manly Warringah Kayak Club  held an Ocean Racing Seminar with paddling greats Dean Gardner, Dave Kissane, Yanda Nossiter , Dean Gardner, Murray Stewart and our own Jim Walker. A great concept  fantastically organised.

You could tell early on in the evening that it was going to be successful.

Everybody was in an organised mode from setting up the TV’s, BBQ, Drinks, and the top floor the seating arrangements , all was ready by 6.00pm.
The guest speakers arrived on time, they seemed relaxed but chatty. What a coupe being able to have such a list of champions making themselves available to ensure a successful night.

Everyone was keen to share their trade secrets, some of which were rather extreme, like Dean Gardner requiring only 500ml of fluid on a 5 hour Molakai race in hot weather, I don’t think so!!  See what happens when you don’t drink, short term memory loss! What a great paddler, 9 times Molakai Champion.
It was a pleasure to hear from the best in the world, from the technically correct to the best ocean readers in the business and Jimmy Walker (what a pleasant surprise he was) very informative. Thanks to Jimmy & Stewart for organising Wes to come along and film the event.
They were all there. WELL DONE BRETT.
Pete was ‘son song’ with his well worded and organised M.Cing, it made a difference and put the guest speakers at ease from the start.

Thanks to everyone who gathered the equipment, food and drinks, especially Jerry Grofski from Panasonic who supplied the Tvs & setup . Dave James & Brad Greenwood for the collection & setup too. Also to Greenwood's, Jame's, Dicksons, Schuberts for organising entry fees, raffle tickets and cooking.

There were 70 – 90 people in attendance.

Thanks to everyone involved for a worthwhile event.

Laurie  Kenyon
President MWKC

For those who missed out you can catch the Whole interview as we launch our MyKayakCoach Podcast Series, by embelishing what was already a great event.  We hope you enjoy but more importantly hope you learn.