Not feeling guilty

By rob on Friday, September 28, 2012

 After 25 weeks of not missing a session I found my true love for paddling back again. More then 6 months earlier I had a family holiday booked for USA, Disneyland and Hawaii, a family trip to die for. When first booked I was really looking forward to it. As the trip approached I started to feel some guilt as to my paddling might suffer. I started thinking about what I could do whilst away, what training I could do, would all my good work be lost. After more then two weeks of theme parks and no training at all I thought it might all be lost, I can a sure you time off is a good thing. I was very lucky whilst in Hawaii to go for a paddle with one of Hawaii finest paddlers and guys Ryan Dolan, he took me for a paddle on the beautiful waters of Hawaii, with mountains as the back drop and big steep runners, how much training I had missed was forgotten. I found that I had lost nothing from having a couple of weeks off, if nothing else I found that it recharged me.

In 5 days my trip comes to end and ill be back training at full pace with my beloved Jimsquad.

 So next time you book your hoilday dont feel guilty enjoy it, as I have and you will come back recharged.