New Paddlers Come learn with Mykayakcoach.

By Jim on Friday, May 20, 2011

Have you been paddling for sometime now and feel like you are not improving?

If this is you or you are new to paddling and want to learn the right techniques, training drills, boat run and how to paddle with the right technique then 9th July 2011 is your day.

A 2-3 hr group session with Mykayakcoach will help improve your paddling 100%.

A day to ask all those questions you have wanted to ask, but didn't have the right person to ask.

The day will start out with land drills and talking about paddling techniques, your questions then move onto the water and learn the right techniques.



If you click larger view and go to the St George Rowing Club, Levey St Wolli Creek.


8:30am - 11:30am

9th July


Own craft,paddle and life jacket if you like [ optional ], drink bottle.

If you would like a demo of a Think Fit or Evo just let me know.

The day will be one that you want wont to miss, so grap a friend and make the jump into paddling a little better. It dosn't matter how many times you have paddled before or how good you are, this is a day for you to be better in the future.







So videos of work we will do at the Clinic.