Join a group to improve.

By Jim on Monday, August 27, 2012

 Why should you train in a group, training in a group has so many advantages to your training. The one that springs to mind for me is the enjoyment level, having lots of people to train with of different abilities helps me enjoy the challenges of paddling. The one thing I enjoy most about paddling is that it offers so many challenges. When paddling on the flat you really have to be on your game with your technique and boat run if you are to catch your fellow paddlers, then in the ocean the thought pattern of trying to catch someone in the squad whilst trying to work out how to surf the runners is a different game again. Then surf paddling, working out which way to go out and come in through the surf is again a complete skill set in it's self.
At the moment at Jimsquad we have about 30 paddlers training of all different abilities and walks of life,men and women and everyone is welcome. The thing about having lots of people is that there is always someone to catch, we work on improving our average boat speed with every session, WHY? because no matter what sort of race you do there is more average boat speed then max boat speed. So it important to get your average boat speed faster so that you will improve each session, each week and each month.
The joy of the squad is also the banter that comes from being in the group, at Jimsquad there is no shortage of this.

I have found that by being in a group environment people have lifted in sessions that they looked tried in before they got on the water, often when you are tired and train on your own you don't push yourself.

So tips for group training.
Always stay in the pack that you can get the most out of the session, don't paddle flat out for only half the session.
Always look to be further up the ladder of the group, but take this approach over a number of weeks, this way you will be getting better from technique not rushing.
Use the wash of someone faster every now and again so that you can feel what the speed is like at the faster end of the group, don't use the wash more then 1-2 a month, you are cheating yourself if you do.
Always arrive on time so that you get on the water on time, this way you can warm up and be in the group when the coach say's go, if you are rushing then you miss the pack taking off and you'll be playing catch up the whole session.
Enjoy the squad and know that different people will read the program differently and work hard when it's easy and easy when it's hard, don't be put off by this.
Most of all enjoy being in an environment thats trying to make you better yourself each session.

In a group training sometimes you may not understand what the coaches message is so always chat to your coach so he or she can explain what the thinking of the session is, coaches always look long term so if you have a good understanding of this it will help you enjoy training lot's.

So don't just sit around wondering if being in a group is a good thing or not, it is and you will enjoy your paddling lot's more. It is easy to find a squad, just make the call.

If you want to join Jimsquad then you are welcome.
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