Jimsquad 1st Birthday

By Jim on Saturday, March 16, 2013

Monday 18th March marks the 1st birthday of the new Jimsquad, Jimsquad has been opertaing for more then 6-7 years. The squad has produced Olympians,World place getters and many Australian Champions. This difference now is that one year ago paddlers of all abilities were able to join into this fabulous squad.

The squad has many paddlers of all different walks of life, men, women, younger and older paddlers, the thing that still remains the same is the philopshy of JImsquad. Train hard and enjoy it a long the way.

Twelve months ago the average speed of Jimsquad was around 9.5-10kms, over the 1hr-1hr 15min sessions, now the speed is 11.5-12km which is great.

This is all done with a positive attitude to training, all sessions are structured and lots of drills to understand the paddle stroke better.

At Jimsquad you can be part of a group that works together and makes you chase the paddler in front of you, there is always someone better then you at Jimsquad which is great to keep you on your toes, we train to race in all types of events, flat water, ocean paddles and any other races that are on the paddling calander.


So who is welcome to be part of Jimsquad? YOU.

You just need to want to better yourself, enjoy paddling in a safe enjoyable paddling community and enjoy waking up in the early morning.

We are on the water at 5:30am so that we all can train and get to work, there is a place to shower and get ready to go to work, train station close by and ample parking at the river for those traveling to work by other means of transport.


So give me a call 0414227590, email me mykayakcoach@hotmail.com or just turn up to training at the Cooks River.

Levey St Wolli Creek St George Rowing Club.


So you have thought about it, seen us at races, or just thought I need to learn how to paddle better. The hardest thing is to make the adajustment to regular training. It takes about two weeks then you will never look back.

The cost is $100 per 4 week program.

So please make the difference to your paddling and you will never look back.