It's on AGAIN.

By Jim on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come and join me on November  6th at Fisherman's  Beach Sydney NSW.

The afternoon will be a great session to learn how to paddle in the surf.

Come learn the right stroke needed to paddle at your best in the ocean, surf the swells to the max whilst enjoying yourself.

It will be a good way to mix and interact with other paddlers.

On the day we will work on the right movement for the max power out of your stroke.

Learn how to read the ocean and surf the swells to the best of your ability.

It will be a day that will help you over the next few ocean ski races.

You can never get enough information when it comes to surfing the runners.


The afternoon will start at 2pm.

Things to bring.

Life jacket

Leg rope

Water bottle

Ski and paddle

Will to learn

happy smiling face.


Cost is $50

Reseve you spot at

If you would like a read on how the last session went, log on here