How to stay motivated.

By rob on Monday, February 16, 2015

 I have paddled at the same place for nearly 25 years, not once have a got bored about training on the Mighty Cooks River.


I take some steps to insure I don't get bored, by making the most out of every session. How do swimmers train in the same swimming pool going up and down and always find ways to improve.

What I do is never think of the stretch of water as a bore, or think same old same old. I always have a set session, know what I'm going to do before I lift my head off the pillow for my 4:40am wake up, as I change into my paddling gear and make my way to the car I think about the session ahead of me. I think what is the purpose of the session, am I doing a base session that requires me to be strong the whole session, a hard aerobic session that is asking me to push hard the whole session or am I doing speed/lactate session which requires me to be the best I can be till I can't give anymore.

If it's the long base session I set myself a goal to be  better in the part of my race that I am struggling with, this might be the middle of the race so as I get into the session I work through this middle period and finish off strong. Then when I download my GPS i can see the improvement. If it's hard and aerobic then I try to beat someone in my squad and make sure that my GPS shows I have lifted my average speed. If it's speed work then I don't care what my GPS says I just go for it.

So tips are if you are doing 8-10 efforts then match race someone in the session, keep a point score, this will help you push harder the whole session.

Today I did 4 x 3kms broken into 1500m strong 1500m hard return, we did a down and back course. I had a paddler at training today who is faster then me but I know he hasn't got the base I have. So I tried to stay with him over the first two efforts and then lift in the third to make him work hard so I can use my base work to beat him on the forth effort. By doing these little games it makes the session go faster and you can feel the improvement from one effort to another. Before I knew it 12kms done and in the bank and now looking forward to training tomorrow, not even relizing that I was on the same stretch of water as the day before.


If you want any tips to get through sessions please email me