How does it all work?

By Jim on Tuesday, August 27, 2013


What is the perfect training program, what's the best method of training and is the right technique important?

The perfect training program is so important because you need direction, you need a clear sense of what you are doing also a clear direction in getting you to perform at the big race.

If you are a person who turns up to your training venue then puts your boat down and spends the next few minutes working out what your session is going to be, then you need help. I see so many groups just go out around the lighthouse on Monday, 10km coarse on Wednesday, easy paddle Friday then a race Saturday. This makes you get quicker for about a month, then you get slower or never improve. The reason is you are always racing, never giving yourself time to breathe and thinking about your paddling, I bet you never download your GPS to see what your training told you.

You need your sessions to have some structure, look back at your last race and think where did I do good and where do I need to improve. 

Let's say your race was like this, great start, felt heavy and tired through the middle then came home strong over the last 20 minutes.

That would tell me you just race people at training and are a good strong competitor. If this is you the area you would need to improve on is your boat run, learning what is a fast pace you can paddle at and build on that. The person who wins the race has the fastest max average speed, not the fastest max speed. The reason you come home strong is because you do lots of paddling and fitness, if you stop this for a holiday you find you go backwards again.

If you are someone who finds it hard at the start then catches people over the last 30 minutes then you are a person who doesn't practice going out hard at training, this leads you to being frighten at races for fear of not making the finish. You need structure in your training to help you get out faster. This will build confidence.

If you are a person who leads the first half of the race and hangs on for the second half, then you would more then likely just race everybody at training every session, never letting yourself learn the right technique. This leads to you never improving to your true capabilities.

By having structure at training you get to practice your racing weakness and get better at racing.

Here is a session or two to try.

Warm up 10 minutes- 2kms at 85%, 1kms 90%, 2 mins rest x 4   This session is good for building strong paddling throughout your race.

Warm up 10 minutes- 5 x 2kms 90% all the same pace 2 mins rest.  This session will help you to know how to get good boat run, if you hold good boat run you will old good form.

Warm up 10 minutes- 6 x 750m 100% 3 minutes rest, This session will show those who like to go out fast that if you try paddle max speed all the time you don't get faster, as they want be able to do all 6, then those who go out to slow will find it to easy. It's a good mix.


Having good technique is the most important thing in paddling, you need to get some video of yourself both sides and from the back, you only need 1 minute of each. Then have a look to see if you are happy with what you are looking at, if your not happy with it then your boat speed will never improve. If you need further help then contact me.

Life balances come from you being happy, no matter if you are single,partner or married with kids those who love you will always be happy for you if you are happy.

Sport is a funny thing, it can bring us so much joy, but when it's not happening then it's the worst thing. So take a big step in sorting out a few small areas in your paddling to enjoy it more, your programs which I can help and your technique.

Remember it's not who is the most exhausted, it's the person who goes the fastest. So you need to work out how you can get your max average speed faster.

Enjoy your paddling.