Head on the Pillow.

By Jim on Monday, December 19, 2011

When I go to bed at night, I find that last second before I fall away to that unknow space is my last time for honesty.

How did I train?

I can't hide here: where did I bludge, where did I stop thinking about my technique,all these things come back to us that moment before we fall asleep.

My answer to my friends and family. Yeah trained well, you can be proud of me.

But it's telling people what they want to hear, that makes you not the best you can be.

It's fearing that feeling of letting people down, the fear of faliure that makes us hold back.

We are not frightened when we put our head on our pillow, because we know, no one can hear us.

So what are you doing it for? If you want to please someone else, then you should find something else!

The most important person that needs happiness from your sport is you. It's you who gets up early and paddles in the dark, so it's you who needs the rewards.

So when you come home from training, start taking some notes on how you trained, your GPS will show you how fast you have gone or how many kilometers you have paddled.

It will never show what you thought in the session.

My tip is to get a dairy and write down after each session what happened in your session. If good, write down why, if bad, also write down why, over time a pattern will occur with your training. It may show that every 4 weeks I'm exhausted, it might show that every 3 months you need to stop paddling for a month.

It also may show you are not fit enough, not warming up enough, not warming down enough, many different patterns will become apparent.

These patterns will show up after a few weeks, then you take control of your training, even if you are in a group training enviroment. The person who wins is the person who is in control of their training. As a coach I know that if an athlete is on top of his or her game and they come to you and say they are tired then you know they are telling the truth, they are people who want to succed, so let them rest.

DO I NEED A LESSON AT MYKAYAKCOACH?  Everyone benefits from one on one coaching. Once you have had a chance to reflect on your paddling, book a lesson and we can sit down and plan a thorough program based around your results. 

So why can"t you be like them?

I want you to get a dairy write down your true thoughts, next time you walk in the door and somebody asks how you are training or just trained, GIVE THEM AN HONEST ANSWER.

Let me know how you start sleeping.