Going stale and loosing interest.

By rob on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Sometimes training feels like a merry go round, up in the morning or on the water in the afternoon and never any gain. It comes from your goal being a small bit of light at the end of a very long tunnel. It is natural for this to happen to all paddlers.

The trick is to have some smaller goals along the way, such as training session, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

For me I look mostly short term goals to help me get back to a level I'm happy with. Seeing I haven't done a constent structured program for more then a decade, it is very important to keep on top of my paddling and not go stale. If I go stale and haven't got into a good training cycle I would find it to easy to give it away. Quitting is often the easiest thing to do, the good old excuses, I'm to old, I don't have the time any more when deep down you have just gone stale from to much negativity.

What I do:

Each session I have a look at the session and work out what is it the session is asking of me, if it's a good strong session and it's asking for a good average speed, I try to do that. I think back to last week and think I could do 12kms/h so maybe today I can do 12.2klm/h ( there is a goal ).

Next session might be asking me to really push myself, 10 x 1000m with 1 minutes rest, in this session I try to do a lot faster time for 10klms then I would do if I paddled a straight 10klms, ( another goal ).

At training I train with all the members of Jimsquad, so it's here I feed off all of them, when we make a turn I try to catch someone by a certain marker or time, ( there is another goal ) or I may try to pull away during the hard section of the session. This way I can become more mental strong.

When I do ocean work I try to get runners long and go fast with doing less paddling, this way I know I'm surfing better and are able to enjoy what the ocean has to offer.

By finding what helps you enjoy paddling more on a regular basis will help you go faster.

The one thing I love most of all after doing a good session is downloading my Suunto Ambit GPS, looking at the data inspiries my to see where I can improve in the next session. The Suunto Ambit is by far the best GPS for gaining lot of info from your training session.


If you need any help with any of these areas, private lesson, runners work or a structered training program let me know.