Getting ahead of ourselves

By Jim on Saturday, January 22, 2011

After years of paddling and always wanting to better myself, I found I was always looking for a quick fix. Meaning that I would look for answers to paddling faster outside of training hard.

I used to look at different pieces of equipment, boats/paddles, in the end I found one thing to be true.


Nothing beats hard work

There is no secret answer to mastering the sport of paddling, it's good old fashion time in the boat that makes you better. Nothing will help you paddle faster than just paddling lots.

Since building the website I have been very fortunate to meet many people who want to better themselves as paddlers, which is one of the driving forces behind me and the website, making people enjoy and learn more on how to paddle faster.


The one thing that comes up regulary, is this statement:

"I have been paddling one year now and I want to buy the fastest ski or kayak on the market to make me go faster."

My answer for you to think about is:

One year ago you coundn't paddle your boat for more than 500m-1km without fear of falling out. Now 12 months on, you have found your feet and are completing  training sessions. This last 2 - 3 months, training for complete sessions several times a week has allowed you to progress at a faster rate and reach where you are now. Just imagine how good you will be in the next 12 months when you do a full year of training?

A typical problem arises at the end of a year where paddlers feel confidence and decide to rush out and putchase a new boat, not believeing the stable craft they are currently using is adequate enough. I disagree.

Why do you want to start all over again with a boat you can't handle?

Why do you want to go back to falling in, this is not fun?

The best boat to paddle is the one you feel the most comfortable in, when paddling in all conditions. If your boat is now fun to paddle in the ocean but easy in the flat, push yourself more when you are in the flat so your stroke is better when in the ocean.


My tips for faster paddling.

Paddle the boat you can handle in all conditions.

Learn the sport of paddling, right stroke, boat run and how to use the ocean.

Learn to race properly, have a race plan, have a group of people you like to race against and then be able to handle all conditions on race day.

Train more in different conditions, nothing is worse then hearing people say, I have been training so well but on race day the wind was side on and I just wasn't used to it.



If the sport offered quick fixes to go from new paddler to champion we all would do it.

The answer is hard work, the more you train the better you become, enjoy your equipment and upgrade when the time is right, not because you are looking for answers.

Your answers are in your training.

We have all heard this, "He/She is so good they could win on anything." Its the paddler, not necessarily the equipment. 

Enjoy it, train hard and have fun.