Downwind paddling.

By Jim on Sunday, April 3, 2011

A windy Saturday morning makes the phone starting ringing, the call comes from the one of the Allstars paddling team Geoff Hall, are you up for a downwind paddle.

After comfirming I'm in for the paddle it was time to go about organising the logistics of the paddle. One thing about a downwind paddle is that you need help, getting your oceanskis to the start and having a vechile at the finish is not always the easiest thing to do.It adds to the journey and excitiment of the paddle, with ski's loaded and Geoffery, Singlets, Leurex and myself all on board it was now time to have a laugh on the 30 mins drive to Little Bay.

Once we arrived we talked about how long it would take to get back to Bondi Beach, about a 45 mins paddle with the S/SE wind, the east in the wind didn't help with the paddle back.

We started out on our paddle which took 10/12 mins to get out past the first head land and make our way straight back to Bondi.

The first 15 mins I felt good, I hadn't done a paddle for nearly 12mths, so it was next the 30 mins I was really reminded by what work needs to be done on a downwind paddle to get the most out of yourself.

You need to get out and do lots of straight downwind paddles as there is a skill to catching them for a long period of time, something you don't get from doing 10 mins out to sea then back to shore for 6 mins.

You need to be strong on your catch,as this helps pull you on to the swells easier.

Your timing needs to be good, if you are working at the wrong time on the swells you will not link up the runners.

I think that throwing fitness into your training program will help you get on those runners easier and for the long paddles.

Nothing helps paddling like going for a paddle.

Always choose the right line, this way you wont paddle more distance then you need to.

Hope these tips help you.

Enjoy this video of me and my mates from TEAM THINK having a paddle.





Watching Clint Robinson in this video will help you understand that timing on riding swells is the most import thing of all. Truly the greastest of them all.