Do Mykayakcoach lessons work?

By Jim on Thursday, April 28, 2011

Part of the Mykayakcoach service is one on one personal coaching, over the last 18 months lots of people have come to improve their paddling.


I would like to show two examples of paddlers who have had lessons.


By looking at both people you can see changes in their own paddling, you can see big improvements, but the thing is they only had to make small changes.

It's making sure that if you get help that you actually go on the water and make the change.


First is Will Hardman, a 38 yr male who loves to paddle at above average level.


When he first started paddling.
6 mths later
Today, he has made small changes for big differences.
Steve Newsome, Steve when he had his first lesson he had only just started paddling. He had a lesson worked on the areas from lesson 1 to lesson 2, see his transformation.
Steve Lesson first video after some lessons.
Steve after working on the small changes to his paddling, he has improved so much.
Well done to both paddlers for their hard work.