Darwin Paddle Clinic

By Jim on Friday, June 7, 2013

A paddle clinic with new paddlers is always enjoyable experience. This time I ventured to the top end of Australia, Darwin, one of the countries most beautiful spots. 

The group to work with was a group of young and ethusicatic kids plus some coaching staff. This clinic had it all over a two day program, lots of on water paddling and drills and time off the water to talk all things paddling. The thing that made this clinic so special is that they we all keen to have help and expect change. One of the major things that paddlers need to be able to is make change. If you have been paddling incorrect for a short or long period of time, it is hard to change. When I go to a clinic I make sure that everyone involoved understands why change is so important. If you can't make change in sport something you love, then how are you going to be making change in life. We all come across areas in our life where we have to make change, whether it be work, family or day to day actitives. So sport is a good place to learn this.

The enviroment in Darwin is nothing short of fantastic for paddling, in the days I was there the weather was beautiful 28 degrees at 6am for 7am on the water.

When doing a clinic is important to take all the paddlers through the very basics of paddling, the stroke, the warm up and the way to think whilst paddling. It was very exciting for this group of paddlers in Darwin, I was lucky enough to have Olympic Gold Medalist Tate Smith and Jacob Clear from the K4 1000m in London to give a helping hand. So you could imagine the knowledge that was given to the group with 3 Olympians sharing their knowledge.

The days were broken down into warm up strecthes and drills to on water paddling.

The thing that is done best at these clinics is that they are all about the learning the way to paddle correct, the reason why this is so important, prevention of injury and helps you paddler faster over time. An incorrect paddle stroke will lead to injury and you only ever paddle as fast as how fit you are. 

Is this you? when you are training hard and doing cross training to help, you are paddling fast, then work or hoilday gets in the way of your paddling for a few weeks. Then you go backwards in your paddling by more then you would of liked. You are a fitness paddler, this paddler never reaches their true potential.

That is why the clinic is so important, you learn right and stay right, helping you go faster and faster.

So if you are a paddling group and want to go faster take some of these ideas and help you improve.

The team from Darwin will be on the way up very quickly.

Enjoy some pictures from this great place.