Cronulla Clinic

By Jim on Monday, December 19, 2011

 On a lovely Saturday morning in paradise, i woke up and left the beautiful spot of Bondi in Sydney Australia to make my way down the coast to Cronulla beach in Sydney's south for another clinic.

When I arrived the conditions were perfect, we had a good array of paddlers. The best thing was that the coaches had aslo come to take part in the clinic. This then helps the coaches learn more and pass on the information to their athletes once the clinic is finished.

As the clinic started I always like to talk about the way the craft,the body and the paddle all work together. It from here where the paddler can best understand how the stroke works best.                                                                                                            After a paddler learns how the paddle works, then they can learn how to use their body to get the most power on the catch, the catch being the front part of the stroke and the most important part I believe, the reason being the power on stroke/catch helps lift the front of the craft and the rotation of the body helping the blade move smoothly helps the boat stay stable as it runs on its plane, best know as boat run.                                   

As we moved forward on the development of how the catched worked and the feeling from the core you get when you use your trunk on the catch, it was then a couple of land drills need to be put in place so that paddlers can get the movement going. The movement I look for is when the hips and the shoulder rotate to the same distance around so that you can use your whole trunk. Then pushing your hands straight out to give the feeling of just twisting with your trunk. Once you can do the movement for a 1 minute with ease you are on your way to being able to paddle with your trunk. The advantage of paddling with the trunk is that there is more bigger muscle to use, get more power from and also being able to spread the work load over your body. This will allow you to paddle faster for longer.

                                                                                                            The way to change your paddling to make you go faster is with just a few small changes, which you need to get them right otherwise you will always have trouble, going faster, incurring injury and just the thrill of getting better.

This is something at Mykayakcoach I work hard at helping you with, in a goup or singlely. Which ever suits.


Here is a drills set to help you.

Need to add latest youtube video Olympic paddler doing drills