Chasing Runners

By Jim on Monday, December 19, 2011

Episode 1: Chasing Runners
Last weekend the Ocean Series Narrabeen downwind challenge was won by Murray Stewart.  The race was over 20kms, mostly downwind.  The wind had whipped up some nice sized runners with plenty of chop to make it interesting.

So what did Murray do that made him the best on the day? 

"What people who are pure kayakers don't realise is that you can be the most efficient paddler in the whole world and it won't necessarily help you so much with runners.  It's being able to read the surf and look two runs ahead, then only pull when you need to pull.  Particularly in big conditions you need to try to rest as much as possible.  You don't actually need to pull quite as hard as you do in a kayak.  On a surf ski all the top guys tick it (the stroke) over alot more, this is not the perfect kayak technique but it definitely saves energy in the runs. You don't want to be working hard on every stroke when you are chasing runs - only when you need to."  Murray Stewart 09.

It seems Murray listened to his own advice and made every runner a winner.

Join Murray and several other legends as we launch our first Episode of our 'MyKayakCoach' podcast series.  Please remember to subscribe to the podcast so that you can stay in touch with tips and advice to make you a better paddler. 




The Doctor 2010 from Ocean Sports Media on Vimeo.

2010 - Molokai Solo | Karl Treacher (20th) from karl treacher on Vimeo.