Changing the mindset on winning

By Jim on Monday, October 10, 2011

Recently we interviewed Dawid Mocke in his shop, the Paddling Centre,  in Fish Hoeke, Cape Town, South Africa. 





Dawid discussed his ideas and thoughts on what it takes to win.  Dawid, is an avid Christian, has a keen interest in sports psychology and runs a successful surfski schooll in Cape Town.  This video is the first in a two part series. 

Dawid emphasises how it is important to have the right mental focus when you race.  He suggests the need to change your focus away from just winning (being number 1).  He believes that if being number 1 in every race is your only focus then you will often be disappointed. That disappointment will then have flow on effec ts that will affect your future performances.

It is important to keep things in balance and never be totally consumed by winning. Winning is not always about crossing the line in first place. 

When I first started out I did just that, I wanted to come in the top 20 in a paddle race and I did that.  I worked on some mental strength and learnt how to train and think like a winner. I went onto win that race.

Having the will to win comes from the self belief and confidence  you create from training hard and smart, you need to work on a positive mind set in every session that you have.  EVERY session  matters and every session DOES count.  Taking that approach and remaining positive is what built myt confidence in  racing.

Dawid talks about being true in competition and having a good relationship with his competitiors, I like to be able to know my competitiors strengths and weakness. You get that from interacting with them both on and off the racing course. You won't have those interactions unless you have positive relationships.  So how is this done?  In my case, I like to congratulate the winner of the race, get into a conversation and be interested in what they have to say about the race - if you listen you will learn.  This is alot easier to do if you  know I you have done everything you can do to perform at your best.  If you are happy with your effort then it is easy to be happy for your competitors who have simply performed better on the day. Remember, after all is said on done, we are only racing canoes not saving lives.

Dawid has invited you all to attend his Surfski School the next time you happen to be in Durban or Cape Town. 

During the interview we have used some footage provided by Dawid and also D4 Productions.  We are grateful for their co operation.