Big Runners

By Jim on Sunday, August 14, 2011

The other day a big storm had rolled into my home town in Sydney Australia, although not conditions safe for all paddlers I thought I would go out on my Think Uno Max and get some footage.

I used my Contour Camera GPS model as I wanted to check my speeds on the swells, this camera allows you do do just that.

Whilst I was out in the conditions and again please let me state never go out in the ocean or anywhere that is above your ability.

Whilst paddling in these big conditions I got to teach me again how important it is to be concentrating on all the small things, feet on the pedals,paddling only when you have to and also the importants of keeping your core strong. What I mean by that is by keeping your core strong you can keep your body in the middle of the seat and not slip all around in the seat. when you are sloppy in the seat, that is when you will fall in on a swell, you come down the swell and go fast then hit a side chop at the fast speed, then straight in the water you go.

I like to always keep my heels solid on the bottom of the foot plate then push back into the back of the seat, from there I keep a strong but relaxed upper body.

You will notice in the video below that when I do exccelarate for a runner I always apply lots of power,it's not for long or for many strokes but for the time it takes to get onto the runner, it is strong.

The feet on the pedels is always constant, I always want to surf to the steppest part of the swell, trying never to nose dive.

I am lucky by being in the ocean for many years,that allows me to be relaxed.

So to become a better ocean paddler, you already know the answer, go paddle in the ocean.

Remember only ever paddle in safe conditions for your ability,also let someone know where you have gone, take a friend and also take the right saftey equipment.

Please enjoy the video.