Being in control

By Jim on Monday, October 10, 2011

At the weekend the Lion Island Ocean Ski race was held in the North of Sydney, it was a 14km race making paddlers paddle in all types of conditions. Although they were not tough, they were hard enough to make all paddlers work for their places.

The thing that was most impressive from the race was to see overall race winner Tim Jacobs be in so much control of the race and his competitiors, with some much dominance. He sat at a good consitant pace of between 13-14kms an hour for the whole 14kms, which is not easy to do. When you watch Tim race up close you get to see how in control he is, he is always looking ahead and thinking about what he can do in the upcoming conditions, the coarse had runners,headwind, side chop and front on runners. He was always able to adapt to the change in conditions.

Where for most of the others it was a case of how fast can I go at the start, now exhusted, now try to recover, now catch up then never getting into a rthym. The one thing that Tim does best is he gets into a rthym very quickly, this lets him be comfortable for the race and a clearer mind for when things change.


So when you start to train next think about training like it is a race, prepare yourself for the next change in condition, this way it will be easier for you to do in a race.


You can never practice racing enough.

Enjoy a quick video from the race and some photos.