Being consistent.

By Jim on Saturday, June 16, 2012

 When you start paddling towards your goal you think that it is never going to come. Most people will say if you paddle for 11mths you are doing to much. So for some reason we have a few more months off.

How quickly it can come on us.

A season needs a few things, start to the season, base work, speed work, lactate work and a taper. A lot to get into a 12 month program let alone you shorting down by months.

If you paddle 4 times a week this is your break down.

208 paddle sessions if you dedicate 12mths.

You are only giving yourself 9 mths because you dont want to over do it, now your doing 144 paddle sessions.

Did you add in your two week hoilday with the family that you can't paddle for, now your doing 136 paddle sessions.

Did you add in the missed sessions due to bad conditions, staying back at work and getting sick, thats always adds up to two weeks. Now your doing 128 paddle sessions.

Then due to your training patterns coming in and out of training, you struggle to do all the sessions properly which leaves you only able to do 3 of the 4 sessions a week correct. Now your doing 84 paddle sessions. 

Then you are going to race 5-6 times a year so you will a few sessions over the year in travel to and from. Now your doing 80 paddle sessions.

If you train in a group you will have a two week taper and recovery weeks, now your down to 65-70 paddle sessions.

So over 9 months can you afford to miss any training?

Good luck working out how many sessions you get to in a year. I think you will find if you don't have a full on approach to bettering yourself you will be every close to this number.

So how good will you be in the end.