Balancing your training.

By Jim on Saturday, October 13, 2012

 After training for many weeks I have found that it is easy to get excited about paddling. The feeling of being fit and healthy is something that we all love, no matter what ability we are. I found myself in a major hole from not being fit and healthy. My out look on life was different to what it is now, I see things in a much more positive light. Why, because sport makes you feel good, healthy and associate with positive people, one of my favorite things to do.

So with all this positive engery and will to succeed I found myself just pushing and pushing till the enviable happens,SICK.

Time to be smart, I am very lucky to be associate with the team at Suunto, they help me with me GPS watch and heart rate monitor, through there watch system I am able to monitor my training and work outs, how much rest I need before backing up and flogging myself again. I am as busy with life as all my fellow paddlers, now it's time to be smart, I train Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday. Some sessions are very close to the next session, so now comes the balancing act. I like to work hard on Monday morning due to the fact that I have had Sunday off and it's a work rest day so I can recover most of all. I know lot's of paddlers use Sunday as there day to paddle as it's not a work day, I think the more days you don't paddle when you can have family time is better for life balances. Nothing puts strain on a family more then a parent looking selfish due to there paddling commitments. Just get up early and get the job done whilst others are sleeping, it takes two weeks and the cycle of getting up early is done.

So if I work hard on Monday morning then come Tuesday morning I will take down the intensity of the efforts and get a real feel for boat run,the less intentisty then the more time to think about technique. Thursday is a time where I have had the most rest so if it's early in my 6 week cycle then it's a real hard intense session. Saturday is a day for the ocean as there is more time due to no work, time to work the skill of catching runners, side chop, rebound and all things ocean paddling.

I like to use a 6 week cycle so that I can focus on working hard for a large amount of time then have a weeks recovery to freshen the body and the mind.

Remeber that when you train you should do somethin that helps you race better. Ypu don't have to get of the water exhusted to gain someting.

Make sure your program has the right balance to help you improve.

If you would like to join my program send me an email to and enjoy the working person program to improvement.


Coach Jimmy