3rd Runners Clinic

By Jim on Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 3rd Mykayakcoach runners clinic was a great succes again.

The day started with how to get the most out of each stroke and the techniques needed to get the most out of each runner.

We talked about the paddle movement, accelaration of the blade and how to obtain a clean exit. Why this is so important is that if the blade is in the water whilst trying to catch a runner, the blade will then actually work as a brake. So a clean exit is just so important.

The focus for the day was to get a strong catch. The front of the stroke.


After talking about the paddle stroke we moved onto the thinking that goes with catching a runner. The common mistake made by paddlers is that they ride the runner to the botom of the swell. Once they hit the bottom of the swell they lose all their speed, therefore they can't accelerate to the next swell.

The best way to over come this, is to always be thinking of the next movement. When the tail lifts and you are on the runner look slightly left and right, then surf your ski to the steepest side. This will help you keep the speed that is needed to ride onto the next swell.

When the tail lifts this is the time to do what I call the Helicopter stroke. This is when you lift the rating up as high as you can, this may only be for some 8-10 strokes. Just so that you can accelarate the boat onto the runner. Never put the paddle down to rest in small swell, this will act as a brake.


After paddling out and back a few times I was very happy to see that all paddlers who attened the Mykayakcoach Runners clinic all improved.



See you next time.